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Research in my laboratory falls into one of three areas, all of which focus on the central role that the phloem plays in plant physiology.  We approach our questions with modern tools in molecular biology and plant biotechnology, but always retain sight of the whole plant in our answers.  Follow the links below to learn more of our active projects and the facilities available to us at the University of North Texas.


Photoassimilate transport:  Studying the roles of sucrose transporters and oligosachharides in carbon partitioning.

Gene expression in the phloem:  Understanding phloem structure and function by using genomic approaches to catalog phloem-expressed genes ("phloemeomics").

Long-distance signaling:  Coordinating growth and development in distal tissues with the physiological state of leaves.

Plant Science Facilities at the University of North Texas (pictures of plant growth facilities, microscopes, ion chromatography equipment, etc., under construction).

Ayre Lab Protocols:  Standardized protocols we use for working with bacteria, yeast, and plants